Sunday, September 18, 2011

Long time no post!!

Wow. Been a full year since posting to my blog. I need to start posting regular again :) Maybe some people still might read this lol.
So, this summer I finally finished Sea of Roses! My 1st ever HAED finish, and I am VERY proud of it. Took me a year or so to finish (to be honest I really didn't keep track very well, being my 1st one and all). I did enter it into my local HOI Fair, and placed 2nd with it.
Not the best picture I know :) I'll get a different one soon, I promise.

Of course I'm moving on to my next HAED project, and narrowed it down to a few (that was rough lemme tell you!).Here it is, Train of Dreams. Much bigger than Sea of Roses, but I can't wait to start seeing some good progress on it. I'm going to really try to buckle down and post at least everyweek on my updates, so fingers crossed!